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Photograph of Alex Savchenko
Photograph of Alex Savchenko

Alex Savchenko, university professor and 2nd Dan Aikido teacher in Exeter, sadly passed away in June 2010. He was visiting family and friends in his homeland, Russia. He was walking along with his friend, and suddenly collapsed and died of a heart attack.

We send our love and sympathies to his wife and daughters, who will miss him dearly.

To Alex we send our love and best wishes now that he has returned to the world of energy. May he further continue his universal journey wherever he may go.

He will be missed by all of us who knew him. Many thanks for being part of the KSMBDA organisation as a student and teacher. It was a privilege to know you.

Alex was due to take his 2nd Dan grading in September 2010. I have posthumously awarded Alex his 2nd Dan, and the club sends its thoughts to Alex to help him in his transition to his next energy.  

From Sensei

A Memory of Alex Savchenko by Sensei Kolesnikov

The more I got to know Alex, the more I liked him. Because he was from Russia and my family were from the Ukraine, and possibly Russia, I understood where he was coming from. I also met his wife Tamara and his daughters Tania and Maria, and we all got on well. When Alex was looking after me when I was teaching weekend courses in Exeter, on the Saturdays with his wife Tamara, we usually went out for a walk somewhere in nature.

A frog on its path with destiny

One day we went for a walk, which should have been filled with daffodils, but there were only two. All of a sudden, Tamara stopped us. There was a beautiful frog in the middle of the path, almost hidden by the leaves. We would very easily have stepped on it. Thanks to Tamara, we didn't. 

I took various photos of it, and it didn't move or blink. I tried to get it to move, so that nobody would step on it. No matter what I did, the frog did not move. I tried to gently prod it with a little stick - the frog didn't move or blink. Even though I had good intentions, the frog was on a path (it was also on its own path). 

On the greater scheme of things, the frog had its own thing to do, and had its own destiny, and it wasn't for me to change its mind.

So in life generally, we all have our own paths and destinies. If we are meant to do something, or be somewhere, then that is what will happen. Even if someone tries to change our direction, or circumstance, they cannot change the end result, if things are meant to happen.

We need to experience life as it happens. To develop, to learn from it, to get stronger, to bring more quality and beauty into life, in our own unique way. Also to share with other people. I am happy to have shared time with Alex and his family. Hopefully Alex will have settled into his new energy, and getting ready for his new life. Also I want to keep contact with his family, in memory of Alex. Hopefully they will be stronger through this experience, and make good decisions for the future.

By Sensei Kolesnikov.