Transformation - A Spiritual Journey into Yourself

Transformation, a book by Wasyl Kolesnikov

Publisher: Author House (16 February 2009)

ISBN-10: 143894211 
ISBN-13: 978-1438942117

Written by Sensei Kolesnikov and Guy Gardner

Book Review for Transformation

An independent review of Transformation is now available from Paradigm Shift.

Review by Sarita Cameron.  
Published by Author house, ISBN 9781438942117 
Review in Paradigm Shift, Issue 43, July 2009, page 31 (

This book has some wonderfully inspiring photographs. They give you a clear insight into the ways in which natural beauty, when looked at closely, can inspire you to understand the beauty of life, the perfection and grace in all things, and the wisdom to see them clearly. Coupled with its poetic and creative writings, this book can be used as a tool for transformation, using aspects within its pages for meditation or reflection.

The intention of the book is to speak to us as whole beings, and the photographs combined with the words within the book do exactly that; the book resonates with peace and tranquility.

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