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2010 Summer School in Canada

Map of Canada
Flag of Canada

The KSMBDA organisation holds regular yearly Summer Schools, taught by Sensei Kolesnikov.

Jake Birkett set-up the Canadian club last year, and is hosting this year's Summer School in Vancouver in August 2010.

Jake Birkett
Jake Birkett, 2nd Dan

Where will it be held?

The School will be held in Vancouver, which is on the west coast of Canada.
Vancouver is 8 hours behind UK time.

When will it be held?

The School will take place on Saturday 7th August through to Thursday 12th August 2010

We recommend flying to Vancouver on or before Friday 6th August, and returning to the UK on or after Friday 13th August.

Note that it may be cheaper to fly mid-week.

How much training will there be?

There will be between 22-24 hours of Aikido over the week.

There will be 2 sessions per day (morning and evening - times may vary) on the following days:
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday 
Locals in Canada only require 3 days holiday (our of their total of 10 days) to fully participate in the training.

There will also be some Tai Chi lessons during the week. 

How much will it cost?

  • Training fees: These will be around £170 for the full week.
  • Flights: These are expected to be around £600-£800 return. We are particularly looking at Canadian Affair, which offers flights cheaper than mainstream airlines such as BA.
  • Transport to and from the airport: The Skytrain connects Vancouver airport with central Vancouver in 25 minutes, and costs less than $10 CAD. Alternatively, taxis are available for about $30 CAD and takes around 30 minutes.
  • Eating out: Restaurants are generally cheaper than in the UK. There are lots of great places to eat, with a huge variety of good food on offer.
The exchange rate is currently 1.66 Canadian Dollars (CAD) to 1 British Pound (GBP).

Since the club in Vancouver has not been established very long, we would like to ask the UK clubs if they can consider ways of donating money to help fund the Summer School.

Where can I stay?

Update: Some of Jake's students have offered free accommodation for the week via spare beds/rooms in their houses. If you are interested, please contact us (see below).
Alternatively, we are looking at staying in a hostel in downtown Vancouver (either central or on the West side eg Kitsilano or Point Grey). This is likely to be at around $25 CAD (around £15) per night, based on 4 people sharing a room, with a shared bathroom in the hall, and laundry facilities available.
One such hostel being considered is the St Claire, which offers such a room for $535 CAD for a week (around £80 per person).
Not all hostels offer weekly rates in August, so it might involve changing hostels mid-week - typically periods are Friday - Sunday and Monday - Thursday.

Finally, there are many hotels in downtown Vancouver; these are likely to be $100+ a night though. 

What shall I bring?

We suggest bringing 2 Gis, plus a hakama for black belts. We recommend not to bring your weapons.

Will there be any time off during the week?

The Aikido sessions will take place in the morning and the evening, leaving the middle part of the day free.
Also, Tuesday will be a rest day.

Jake will arrange various activities for the spare time, visiting attractions such as mountains, parks and beaches in Vancouver. 
Note that Vancouver has a great public transport system. Tickets cost $2.50 CAD (or a book of 10 for $19 CAD), which lasts for about 1.5 hours on a bus or the Skytrain, regardless of changes. 

If anyone would like to stay in Vancouver for a few days after the Summer School, Jake can arrange some activities for the Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th August. Sensei Kolesnikov is also considering staying in Vancouver a little longer to join in these activities. 

When can I find out more information?

We will announce more information via this page, and via the courses in the UK.
If you're from a UK club and wish to register your interest, please contact Andrew Clark, or use the Contact Us form on this website.
In addition to Sensei, the following members have expressed interest in attending:-
  • Andrew (from Bridport)
  • Andrew (from Swindon)
  • Marina (from Swindon)
  • Suzanne (from Oldham)

Information last updated: 25 February 2010 (accommodation).