The Ukraine Aikido Summer School (21 - 30 June 2010)

Ukraine Aikido Summer School students
Ukraine Summer School Students

Two weeks before the Ukraine Summer School, they had temperatures of 40°C. On my arrival, it was warm, then from the next day to the day before I left, it rained. On the last day when I was leaving, it was 28°C. When I went two years ago, they had the worst floods for 60 years.

Ukraine students practising
Ukraine students practising
The good news is that it was ideal weather for training, as it wasn't too hot. There were 30 - 40 people on the mat every day. We trained for 2 hours in the morning (10am to 12 noon) and 2 hours in the evening (5 - 7pm). It was good to see the studfents that I already knew, plus there were many new ones. I taught Aikido, mind and body development (Ki exercises), weapons and Tai Chi.

Valerei Korsyn, 3rd Dan, is the head teacher, and has put a lot of work into his club, with some help from the members. Ruslan, 2nd Dan, is his main helper, and also has links on the Kendo side. Valerei used to teach Judo in his earlier days, and has a very successful Judo team which he has been training for a few years now.

Valerei is a vey good organiser, as well as practitioner in this art, so everything went smoothly. We also had a social evening discussing Aikido, body, mind and spirit, nature and the universe, and relating it to the books which I have written and put together with Guy Gardner.

We did many gradings at the end of the course, and everyone passed. The standard here is very good thanks to Valerei, Ruslan and all the other people who teach and help out.

Near the end of the course we met an artist who was showing some of his work that he was commissioned to do. We got talking, and I explained about my own pictures that I used for the books. The next day he showed me more of his work in his gallery. It is quite unusual work and shows things like faces in the mountains. The Red Indians see shapes of faces and animals in nature, so I could relate to this. His work is thought-provoking. Because of our similarities in unusual work and working with energies from other levels, we got on very well, and I may be able to exhibit my own work in the future.

It was a very good Summer School, and I look forward to our next meeting.