Workshops and Talks

Sensei Kolesnikov addressing a workshop
Sensei Kolesnikov addressing a workshop
(requested to wear black kit)
Sensei Kolesnikov, 7th Dan Aikido and mind & body development expert, is available for workshops, talks, demonstrations and private lessons. 

Workshops are based around topics such as:
  • Reducing Stress
  • Relaxation 
  • Meditation 
  • Mind and Body Co-ordination
Workshops can be anywhere in the UK, for individuals or groups, or even for managers and colleagues within the workplace. 

Watch Sensei Kolesnikov speaking and demonstrating at the Professional Speakers Association.

For further information and prices please contact us.

Yoga You Sanctuary

Sensei Kolesnikov addressing a workshop
Yoga You Sanctuary
Sensei Kolesnikov addressed this group on Saturday 30th July 2011, on the theme of Return to Source.

  • Ki Energy: Mind and body exercises concentrating on energy.

  • Infinite Tai Chi & Chi Kung:  Exploring deeper aspects of the system.

Heywood Festival of Healing, Light & Learning

Sensei Kolesnikov gave two events during this year's Heywood festival at end of January 2010.
  • Saturday 30th January: Feel your inner potential & feel the tangibility of Ki energy with exercise.
  • Sunday 31st January: "Aikido", the Way of Harmony with Ki.
For information on the annual festivals, including how to book, please tel 01706 629857 or contact the Heywood Festival at the Civic Centre, Church Street, Heywood, OL10 1LW.