Sensei Kolesnikov and the PSA

Sensei Kolesnikov gave a talk and demonstration to the Professional Speakers Association in February 2002.

Sensei introduces the concept of mind and body development, including calmness of mind and inner stability.

He explains to a member of the audience how to "think" in order to have more stability, and then performs a test to demonstrate that the person keeps their balance (co-ordination) when thinking this way.
When the person does not think this way, Sensei uses the same test to show that the person loses their balance (co-ordination). 
All that has changed is how the person thinks.
Watch the talk and demonstration video below, or watch from YouTube.

Sensei Kolesnikov was thanked by the PSA for his fantastic talk and demonstration.

Come along to an Aikido class or course, and you will also be able to develop your mind and body co-ordination as shown in the video, from your very first practice.